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How to match well the doors and windows with glass

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How to match well the doors and windows with glass

With the great changes in the style of home decoration in recent years, now people's requirements for home decoration have become more than limited to basic furnishings, such as furniture, floor laying and so on. Lighting, energy saving and safety of home decoration products have become one of the requirements.


As a very important part of the home decoration, the collocation of doors and windows and glass is paid more and more attention by the owners. In addition to functionality, glass collocation should also be selected from an aesthetic point of view.

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                                     Energy-saving Glass Collocation

Because the thermal conductivity of the sealed intermediate air layer is much lower than that of the glass, the insulating property of the insulating glass can be increased by twice as much as that of the single glass, and the power consumption of the air-conditioned building can be greatly reduced.

Heat insulation can be more than 70% in summer, but it is not easy to lose indoor heating in winter. The heat loss can be reduced to up to 40 percent, which plays the role of heat preservation, thus turning summer and winter warm into reality.

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                                             Safety glass collocation

The tempered glass is the safest. If both sides of the glass are selected, the impact resistance and safety of the glass are greatly improved. 

The impact resistance of tempered glass is 5-10 times that of common glass, and the bending resistance of tempered glass is 3-5 times of that of common glass. Even if broken glass is only a small obtuse angle granular, enhance the rigidity and greatly improve the safety.

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                       Endothermic sunscreen collocation

The door and window of the room in the morning sun can choose the endothermic coated glass outside and the common white glass on the indoor side. Because the heat absorbing glass absorbs infrared light, it can attenuate 20% -30% solar energy incidence. Thus reducing the heat energy entering the room.

Summer can reduce the load of air conditioning, winter absorption of infrared light to increase the temperature, can resist cold, and can also achieve energy saving effect.


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