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New Idea of house modern design-Folding Window

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“Hey, what is your desired window for your future house! ”

“Like this?”

 Sliding window Sliding window

NO NO NO !……We need something useful and modern design!. That is it! Bi-Folding window.

Bi-Folding window 

                                  Closed Vision

Folding Window Advantage 

                                   Opened Visio006E

Aluminum folding window 

                                  Outside looking

Folding Window Advantage:

1. Extend your vision show more landscape.

Breaking down traditional window only can open half-half limitation, folding window can open folding all sash to both two side, let fresh air and sunshine being filled with your room.


2. Slim Frame Design

The profile only thick 63mm, when closing it thick 82mm, all control system cover into profile cavity. Simplify and fashion, scenery can’t stop by the attentive design


3. Easy Open

Improve traditional window front side handle to be sash side handle with lock. One hand open easily, and all sash will lock when window closed.

Aluminum sliding window 

4. Suspended design

The upper rail hanging the sash with pulley system, lower rail will not derail, bearing over 300kg.


5. More safe

Folding inside avoid the risk drop out side, and convenient to maintain and install the window.


6. Excellent Draining Performance

In the profile design a draining groove, solve the drain performance poor problem of open inward window, and got a seal ability same as other window.

UPVC sliding window 

7. Keep profile completed

Hinge, Support pulley, connector ,assemble by stainless steel card link, avoid extra screw broken the aluminum profile.


8. Easy cleaning

Just close the window inward, then can clear the window inside and outside. Clean and safe.

UPVC folding window 

UPVC folding window manufacturer 

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