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New option:PVC wooden Interior door

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PVC door very popular in these year. In china also called non-paint door, it means the door wood grain surface we don’t need to paint. Compared to the Veneer, solid wood doors, PVC doors use PVC film instead of wood veneer .And its surface cover finish by vacuum processing technology. Frame is the same with PVC film finish.

PVC wooden door

Below is PVC wooden door advantage:


1. Non-painting, avoid poisonous substance release.

PVC wooden door surface is cover by smooth and bright PVC film. .Paint-free, to avoid the dissemination of poisonous gas against the terrible consequences to human health after using the decorative paint.


2.  PVC are remarkably durable.

The High quality MDF structure with advanced manufacturing technology, the choice of high quality raw materials developed paint-free decorative materials, with impact-resistant. Non-spontaneous combustion. Insect-proof. Moisture. Preservation. Good maintenance.

China Wooden PVC Door Manufacturers 

3. The Number One in energy efficiency.

PVC door use MDF as structure and its surface cover finish by vacuum processing technology. No painting, no cutting extra wood material. So it is Eco-Friendly, Pollution-free and Energy efficiency.


4. Simple installation, easy maintenance.

The Door panel is a completed body, just install the hinge and the lock then a new door appear in front of you. As the door surface only groove with any raise strip. Don’t worry it will be bend or shed. Also save your time on clearance.


5. One-time forming, cost effective.

With wooden grain, variety of color changes, more modern design and personality to respond Environmental protection requirements.

Pvc Coated Wood Door factory 

6. Modern design, various color option.

PVC film various color option as well as the groove pattern could be custom made. So you finally will got your style and the our technology always will let your to a modern and simplified home...

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