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Why Tilt&Turn Window Becoming More and More Popular?

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People living Europe life or having travel experience must know that tilt&turn window is completely "standard" in Europe, the majority of residential projects are using tilt&turn window. Especially in Germany. Why do more and more people like to use this kind of window? Let's take a look at inside of this window.



From the above photo, we can see clearly that the owner has filled the window sill with all kinds of green plants. Does he not think it too troublesome to move the green plant away when opening the window?!... Of course not! Because their windows are not completely casement inside or outside! So when the window is opening, it does not affect these green plants at all!


So let’s talk about the advantages of tilt&turn window:

1. When windows fall down, the indoor not only can be naturally ventilated, but also the air can get into the room from window side, it will not directly blow to the human body, especially in big temperature difference of indoor and outdoor. People can greatly reduce the risk of cold by avoiding direct wind blow. Especially in high-floor apartments or open villas, it is very windy in spring and autumn, and the tilt&turn window will completely make the exchange of indoor and outdoor air smooth, comfortable and soft.



2. When the window is tilt and turn, the window is open and ventilated. At the same time, compared with the swing opening window, it is also very safe and has anti-theft performance. The reason is very simple-although the thief can reach into the window. But he can not open the window, but also unable to enter the room! Therefore, the owner can leave the home, set the windows for the inverted state, both to ensure continuous ventilation, but also do not have to worry about burglar.

At the same time, it can be protect children from falling down from high-floor by using tilt&turn windows



3. When the window is tilt and turn, the airflow into the room will be stopped by glass, the heavier dust particles and rainfall in the air will also be blocked outside. So when the owner is not at home, there is no need to worry about accidental Rain Water damaged furniture, floors and so on.


4. Tilt and turn window is also easy to be clean because it is open inside. In this case, it avoid the danger of leaning out the window to clean it.



So tilt&turn window has many advantages superior to other open styles, it improve the safety and convenience for house owners. If any interest please kindly contact us freely for competitive quote and more information.


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