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  • Saving Energy Strategy -------- Double & Triple Glass

    First off, glazing is the act of installing a window.This can include two or three pieces of glass separated by some sort of physical object around the perimeter of the glass. In either case, the reason is the same: to minimize heat transfer and to minimize sound transfer. The airtight construction

  • The benefits of aluminum window and door

    Why do we say that good quality aluminum doors and windows are important?

  • New option:PVC wooden Interior door

    PVC door very popular in these year. In china also called non-paint door, it means the door wood grain surface we don’t need to paint. Compared to the Veneer, solid wood doors, PVC doors use PVC film instead of wood veneer .And its surface cover finish by vacuum processing technology. Frame is the s

  • How to match well the doors and windows with glass

    With the great changes in the style of home decoration in recent years, now people's requirements for home decoration have become more than limited to basic furnishings, such as furniture, floor laying and so on. Lighting, energy saving and safety of home decoration products have become one of the r

  • New Idea of house modern design-Folding Window

    “Hey, what is your desired window for your future house! ”“Like this?” NO NO NO !……We need something useful and modern design!. That is it! Bi-Folding window. Closed Vision Opened Visio006E Outsid

  • Why Tilt&Turn Window Becoming More and More Popular?

    People living Europe life or having travel experience must know that tilt&turn window is completely "standard" in Europe, the majority of residential projects are using tilt&turn window. Especially in Germany. Why do more and more people like to use this kind of window? Let's take a look at inside o

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